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Artificial Intelligence Debate Gathers Steam

The concept of artificial intelligence (AI) has been around for a while but has come up for discussion more often in recent years as technological advances come through thick and fast. From blockbuster movies, such as “Iron Man”, “I-Robot” and “Eagle Eye”, to a recent robot called Sophia which can mimic human facial expressions, the age of AI […]

Understanding Instagram’s Carousel Post Feature

Media and Political Parties to Cease Campaign Output 24 Hours before Election Day

The Broadcasting Commission and the Electoral Commission have again solicited the co-operation of political parties and the electronic and print media in ensuring that citizens are allowed a period of quiet reflection ahead of the opening of polls for the February 25th General Election in Jamaica.   In making this request, the BCJ and the ECJ […]

Understanding Instagram’s Carousel Post Feature

The Effects of Media Stereotyping and Body Image on Young People

TV shows, music videos, advertisements and other media content portray various stereotypes to the viewing public. Stereotypes are essentially classifications that are promulgated and may influence an opinion about other people based on their culture, race, body type, sexuality, political affiliation and religion, among other things. A stereotype may be created, for example, when only […]

Understanding Instagram’s Carousel Post Feature

Payola: Pay for Play

Cordel Green Speaks on the Issue of Payola Music lovers everywhere are wont to question the quality and depth of the music they hear on today’s radio stations. Some have gone even further to suggest that payola might be the cause. A possible amalgamation of the words “pay” and the word “Victrola,” the brand name […]

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