BROADCASTING COMMISSION wins GLOBAL AWARDS along with Porsche and Usain Bolt Advertisements

The Broadcasting Commission of Jamaica has received TWO Gold Muse awards in the International Muse Creative Awards Competition for 2018. The BCJ advertisements that received awards were the very popular “Pinchy Dead” video, which warns against fake news, and the BCJ’s most recent release – “Ordinary People”, which warns parents to be more aware of […]

Understanding Instagram’s Carousel Post Feature

Are you up to date with the latest features of Instagram? Whether you’re a selfie-sharing socialite, who wants to share your #OOTD, or a business person looking to increase your #Regram ratio among followers, there are a number of useful benefits presented by the newest updates, especially carousel posts. What are Carousel Posts? More technically […]

WhatsApp Revives Text Status Under Duress

Are you among the numerous WhatsApp users who disapproved of the new Snapchat-like feature, which came with last February’s update? Well, the Facebook-owned app has made note of the backlash and is bringing back the original text Status feature that everyone knows and loves. Just to re-cap, WhatsApp left many of its billion-plus users sharing […]

The Fake News Phenomenon and How to Spot it

In the digital age, information can come from many sources and many different people. More importantly, the same standards do not necessarily apply across all media. Traditional media, while not perfect, are held to stricter standards for news and information in terms of accuracy, fairness and objectivity. They are expected to vet and fact-check information […]

How to Manage Technological Distractions While at Work

Technology in the workplace: Productive Aid or Distraction? Not too long ago, technology use in most offices was limited to landline telephones, computers with limited memory, speed and processing power, restricted access to the internet, fax machines and printers. However, in today’s dynamic, technology-driven environment, technology use in the workplace has been transformed by, among […]

To Play or Not to Play Pokémon Go

In just a few short weeks, Pokémon Go has become the most popular mobile game in history…far more popular than Candy Crush! In fact, the number of users of the augmented reality game has quickly surpassed that of Twitter in the U.S. and it has even recorded higher engagement rates than several other social media […]

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