The Benefits of Watching TV

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There is no doubt that television is one of the most powerful communication tools in the world. Its contemporary appeal makes it difficult to ignore. In fact, recent studies suggests that people depend on TV for entertainment, news, education, culture, weather, sports, and even music. But despite the possible benefits that it presents, TV consumption […]

Re: Letter to the Editor, “Ishawna-Foota Hype bedroom drama trauma”, published September 24, 2014

  The Broadcasting Commission takes note of a letter to the Gleaner editor on Wednesday, September 24, 2014, entitled “Ishawna-Foota Hype bedroom drama trauma” in which the writer infers that the Broadcasting Commission is in collusion with CVM TV to air inappropriate content. He was referring to the programme “On Stage” which was aired in […]

Is Payola Down?

While there is no scientific data to suggest that there has been a reduction in payola in the music industry, Cordel Green, executive director of the Broadcasting Commission of Jamaica (BCJ), says there is an indication that it is not as prevalent as it once was. For years, the BCJ has been on a rigorous […]

Broadcasting Commission Statement on “Suits”

While the Broadcasting Commission appreciates the concerns raised, it has no legal basis on which to intervene in legitimate commercial agreements between content owners, such as the producers of “Suits” and programme distributors, such as local television stations. Subscribers to cable television should be aware that cable operators are distributors of channels and they do […]

The Power of PROsumers

Did you know that you may have the power to influence the success OR failure of a brand or company? Well, if you are an avid user of social media tools such as blogs, Twitter, Facebook and the many other social networks that exist, then you most certainly do have a lot of power. With […]

Online Privacy – Are You Really Protected?

“A 20-year-old woman stalked via the Internet and killed. Thousands of e-commerce customers watching as their credit card numbers are sold online for $1 apiece. Internet chat rooms – where identities are bought, sold and traded.” What you just read are examples cited by Bob Sullivan from MSNBC, of the many ways in which one’s […]

An Introduction to OTT (Over-The-Top) Content

popular content distributors Netflix and Hulu, then it’s safe to say you’re also familiar with over-the-top (OTT) content. Pace defines OTT content as “video, television and other services provided over the internet rather than via a service provider’s own dedicated, managed IPTV network”. IPTV, in this case, refers to Internet Protocol television. Most persons are […]

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